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Patrick Mayberry Calls on the Holy Spirit to Come

Patrick Mayberry grew up going to a church that didn’t use instruments in worship. So as a middle and high school student, he started to feel a disconnect between his growing interest in the guitar and his love for Jesus. Through his local Younglife chapter, he began to find friends who merged music and faith. During college, Patrick Mayberry went through a dark season. He recalls, “I was still very much figuring out faith and figuring out, really, what every college kid’s trying to figure out: What am I even here for? What’s my purpose?.”

It wasn’t until he went to a large Christian conference that he embraced the power and possibility of Christian worship music. “That was my first experience with corporate worship on a bigger scale. It’s funny, because I really was clueless and just kind of a sponge, wide-eyed, taking it all in,” Patrick Mayberry says. “I felt like that’s when the Lord was showing me, ‘This is how you could use music for the Church. If you wanted to do this, I think this would be a cool way for you to use your music.’ So I fell in love with worship music.”

Patrick Mayberry began to hone his songwriting skills and even started leading worship at his local college ministry. Eventually, he felt a calling to a church in Chicago. Leaving Tennessee was a big shift with his new interest in and awareness of Christian music. He continued to write songs and developed demos in an environment that wasn’t as robust so he struggled finding his place. 

Later, a friend invited him to another retreat – this one for Christian song-writers and individuals in the industry. “It’s like I found my people. It was like Niagara Falls to my soul,” he says of the week-long event. “I had all these things in common with these people. They were into the same recording gear I was into, and they were interested in the same music. It was unbelievable. I didn’t want it to end.”

Months later, Patrick Mayberry received a publishing deal with Centricity. This should have been the confirmation he needed to jump all into this incredible passion, but Patrick still doubted his ability. He couldn’t fathom the idea of transitioning from a songwriter to an artist, even though he felt such a massive pull from God. He felt stuck, and unprepared for what followed. “I think I was waiting for somebody who was really good at being an artist and that I respected to tell me, ‘Hey, you’re good at this.’ I didn’t think I was good enough. That will probably be something I always carry with me,” Patrick Mayberry expresses. “I’m definitely not as qualified or as polished as some people, and I feel like, in some ways, I self-sabotaged this thing that the Lord was interested in doing in my life.”

Overtime, Mayberry began to gain confidence in his ability as a Christian artist. “Really, God’s been doing a lot in me the last year to reshape and rewire how I think about myself and also how He thinks about me,” Patrick Mayberry proclaims.

Patrick Mayberry as an Artist

Patrick Mayberry returned to Tennessee, but continues to serve remotely as Executive Producer of Worship for his Chicago church. As he pens songs, it’s the church that he has in mind. As Mayberry releases his debut album, his focus doesn’t waiver. “All of these songs have been written for the people of the church!” he explains. “I pray that they meet people right where they are in their journey with faith and the Lord…that they would continue to shape and transform how they view themselves and God while pointing to how God views them – as His kids who He’s crazy about!”

In his debut single, “Breakthrough Miracle Power,” Patrick Mayberry delves into the feeling of inadequacy that he still struggles with. He felt such a firm calling from God to pursue music as a professional artist, yet he felt so incapable. He also heard the voices of friends in the back of his mind who were also struggling with their own understanding of God’s calling. Life is hard, which is why we need God, and Mayberry desperately wanted people to receive that message. 

“We can call on the Holy Spirit as our counselor, our healer, our deliverer.” Patrick Mayberry states about the title track, “Holy Spirit Come.” “Imagine what our lives, our families, our churches would be like if we continually lived with that in the forefront of our minds and hearts! I pray this song is an anthem for our churches that would flow to every inch of our lives!”

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