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What Does a Guy Find Most Attractive

About Your Beautiful Body?

We asked several guys what makes a girl look beautiful. Not a single guy answered, “showing more skin” or “wearing a lot of makeup.” Surprised? We’re not! We know that your true beauty is what physical attraction is all about.  Here’s what guys find attractive:

“I love a girl’s smile! It shows her kindhearted spirit.”

Ethan, 19

“I find a girl’s eyes captivating, especially if they’re a riveting color.”

Jacob, 22

“A girl’s athleticism or energy grabs my attention. I’m an athlete myself, so I like a girl who can keep up with me… funny that many of them put me to shame.”

Eric, 15

“The most attractive part of a girl is her spirit. She glows with happiness.”

Sean, 18

“Girls who are comfortable in their own skin and know that they are pretty is the most beautiful attribute. If a girl doesn’t realize she’s pretty, then how can I see her beauty?”

Nick, 19

“The most attractive thing about a girl is how she smells. I love it when she walks by and I get a little whiff of perfume or body spray.”

Mark, 16

“I’m totally attracted to smart girls. I love the whole nerd look because it demonstrates how a girl is in tune with her intelligence and that she knows she has a lot to offer.”

Matt, 17

“Girls with soft, healthy skin are totally attractive. I don’t want a girl to bare it all though, just a hint with exposed arms or legs.”

Casey, 15

“I’m sure you’ll argue that it’s not a physical thing, but I think her faith is the most attractive part of a girl. If she truly believes in God then her entire being radiates His presence and that’s pretty attractive.”

Luke, 20

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