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Psalm 34:5 says, “Those who look to Him are radiant, and their faces shall never be ashamed.” Then Song of Solomon speaks of his beloved bride being radiant, distinguished among ten thousand. The Bible also speaks of how Jesus radiates during what’s known as the “Transfiguration.” Modern science even supports the idea that our lifestyle impacts our beauty and radiance. Stress, a poor diet and lack of sleep have a negative effect on the health of your hair and nails as well as skin tone. So, what are you doing to build the natural radiance within you?


Start Your Day Calm and Relaxed.

It may seem impossible to begin your day in a restful state, especially when you have a “to-do” list a mile long. But, letting that “to do” list dictate your day first thing in the morning can be horrible for your natural radiance. Instead of checking email or Facebook as soon as you wake, check your Bible App. Read daily scripture, a devotion or begin your day with prayer. This takes five to fifteen minutes, which is completely worth the time and effort for your beauty and wellbeing.


Nourish Your Body.

Be aware of what you’re putting in your body. Are you consuming healthful foods that are filled with natural ingredients made from the earth, or are you chowing down on junk food loaded with sugar, salt and preservatives? The outside of your body will respond to what you put in it, so eat your fresh fruits and veggies and be sure to consume a well-balanced meal with protein, grains and healthy fats too.


Knowing what you eat is only half the battle. How you eat can also affect your outer radiance. If you’re always eating “on-the-go” then you aren’t allowing your body to fully digest its food the way it should. Start your day with nutritious breakfast. Don’t scramble something together as you rush out the door. Instead, take a few moments to savor a healthy meal. Eat at least one meal with family or friends. Whether you sit down and catch up in the cafeteria or you chat with your parents at home, sitting with loved ones will not only nourish your body, it will nourish your soul.


Be grateful for the food you’re eating and the hands who prepared it for you. Yes, spend just one minute thanking the Lord for the food you’re about to eat. You can take it a step further by presenting your food in a beautiful way. Put it on a pretty plate or decorate your paper lunch bag with fun designs. If you’re able to appreciate your food more, you’re more likely to savor every bite.


Care for the Outside of Your Body.

No matter the season, dry skin is the pits. Help your skin glow with healthy and helpful moisturizers. Be sure to protect your skin from sun damage, which dries skin, by using SPF 30 sunscreen daily. Your skin is the biggest organ of your body, so what you put on your skin is going to have a significant impact on your natural radiance. Use make-up and body products that are made with natural ingredients such as lavender or coconut oil rather than chemicals made in a lab. Cleanse your pores from dirt, make-up, grime and pollution twice a day with a natural cleanser.


Give your skin a little massage whenever you apply lotion or make-up. It might take an additional minute to apply your product, but the rejuvenation it brings will influence your countenance. By drinking plenty of water and giving yourself a little massage, your body will flush out toxins that dull your complexion. Spending a little time pampering your body and relieving stress actually has a great impact on your overall body.


End Your Day on a Good Note.

Even if you take just two seconds to say a prayer of gratitude before you go to sleep, those few words will help center your mind toward thankfulness, peace and contentment. Sleep is also crucial to cultivating radiant beauty. Stress and sleep loss increase the production of the hormone called cortisol, which triggers inflammation that breaks down collagen, a protein that keeps skin firm and smooth. Cortisol is also linked to acne. Perhaps the best solution to fighting a breakout is actually relieving a little of your stress. To ensure a good night sleep, offer it to the Lord. Hand anything that is still on your mind or heart to Him. He will give you the peace and rest you need.


When your inner body, physical and mental, is well cared for, your body simply radiates. You’ll have glowing skin, bright eyes and silky hair.

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