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Rebecca St. James
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Rebecca St. James is a name we haven’t heard in the Christian music industry for a decade, but she is making a strong and powerful comeback. Born and raised in Australia, Rebecca was the oldest of 7 children. Her father worked on the business side of the music industry, so it was natural for her to become the lead vocalist at her Chrisitan school. At the early age of 13 Rebecca recorded her first album, and opened for one of her father’s clients (an American singer who was touring in Australia)!

Rebecca’s family moved to America when her father was offered a job. Unfortunately that job fell through. Struggling financially, the Smallbones rallied together to make ends meet. Rebecca St. James worked as a babysitter and cleaner, but when she got paid, she brought that money home and put it on the kitchen table so her parents could spend it on food and bills. It was a hard time for the entire family, but not only did the kids learn the value of a dollar, they learned the importance of Christian community and working together. 

At the age of 16, Rebecca St. James signed with ForeFront records and released her self-titled album. Since her family grew so close during those first years in America, they all went on the road with Rebecca to work her show when she started touring. Her siblings took on roles as part of the crew. Joel and Luke worked on setting up lights, Ben filmed her performances. The family worked long, hard hours together, but that time set each of their professional careers in motion. 

Rebecca St. James Career Path

For over 15 years, Rebecca St. James toured and produced albums. She spoke to the hearts of young women and teenagers, inspiring them to seek God with all their heart. She encouraged young women to pursue who God created them to be, to love Him and themselves because they were a beautiful creation, crafted by an incredible maker. She taught young people how to grow in their faith through prayer, worship, community, reading His word, etc. 

Rebecca St. James didn’t just sing songs and tour, she also became a bestselling author, was a speaker, songwriter and actress. She poured her life into ministering to young women and teen girls. She became someone women looked up to and admired. 

Then, in 2011, Rebecca St. James retired. She met and fell in love with her husband, Cubbie Fink. Three years later, the couple started a family. After their first child was born, Rebecca was devastated when she miscarried multiple times. Her heart was completely shattered. But God met her where she was and brought healing. Four years later, she gave birth to a second daughter, and then a son. 

God Calls Rebecca St. James Back

Right before retirement, her brothers’ music career began to escalate. Joel and Luke Smallbone founded for KING & COUNTRY, which led them into their personal life of ministry and music. After her retirement, Rebecca St. James was asked to perform with her brothers. It was at that moment that God started to alter her heart and call her back into music. Her re-entry into the music industry was smooth and clearly directed by God. 

After nearly a decade break, Rebecca St. James released her EP Dawn in 2020. Dawn was very reflective of what the world was experiencing during the pandemic. The album marks a season of growth and knowing that a new day will come. 

Now, Rebecca St. James releases her tenth studio album and first full length album since 2011, Kingdom Come. Joel and Luke join Rebecca for the title track as well as much of the album. “When Joel, Luke and I were writing this song we were inspired by the Lords’ prayer and the need for revival right now,” said Rebecca. There is so much hurting in the world right now. The only way the hurt can stop is if we stop it. It starts with us. The songs in Kingdom Come are an inspiration to young people, and really all Chrisitans, to be that change. 

“I believe that there’s a desperation that is foundational to every true move of the Spirit. And our world is desperate right now! Great revivalists have said if you want to see revival, draw a circle on the floor, step into it and pray for revival to begin there.” says Rebecca when sharing about the title track, which is reflected in her video. The whole album encourages us to live in the moment with Jesus. Rebecca boldly and clearly states, “Let it start with us!”

Even though Rebecca St. James now attracts an audience of mainly young mothers with families, she’s still someone that young women and teens want to emulate. In many ways, she set the trajectory for the Christian music industry as it is today. Her music continues to be a steady classic rock tone, but with influence from for KING & COUNTRY, she offers a more modern pop sonic appeal with driving tempos and skillful production. But it isn’t the sound of her music that draws us to her, it’s her heart toward God and her willingness to follow Him no matter what He calls her toward. 

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