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With a new school year approaching, you can feel your stress level increasing already! Take a moment to calm your mind with this relaxing christian music. Then, when school does become overwhelming, turn back to these songs as a reminder of God’s peace and rest in the midst of chaos and stress. Return to Him again and again throughout the year. 

Here’s 9 songs to help you focus on God and relax your heart, body and mind so you can tackle the tasks placed before you. 

1. Be Still by The Fray

2. Ever Close by Highlands Worship

3. I Surrender by Hillsong United

4. It is Well by Kristene DeMarco

5. Dreaming of Eden by Teniella Neda

6. Closer to God by Anne Wilson

7. Peace by Hillsong Young & Free

8. Rest by Kari Jobe

9. Be Still & Know by Jordan Smith

Here’s a challenge, listen to this playlist once a week for the first 9 weeks of school. Perhaps begin your week with these relaxing tunes while getting ready for school on Monday morning. Maybe listen on Wednesday night while studying. Wrap up your week and listen to relaxing christian music when you get home from school on Friday night. Or, engage with these songs while taking a rejuvenating sabbath on Sunday. With the repetition, you may find yourself naturally singing these songs when you’re feeling overwhelmed and uncertain as to how you’re going to get through the day.

Each of these songs helps you enter into a time of resting in God’s peace, reminding you of His comforting presence. God wants to give you peace, so rest in His desire. Listen while studying, tackling your to-do list, driving too and from practice, working out, journaling, praying or simply sitting in a quiet space. Invite God to calm your mind, body and spirit.

Let us know how these songs impact your day, which ones you like and which ones you don’t like. Also, tell us which songs we should have included on our playlist.

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