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Fighting Against Failure in Run the Race

No one can keep Tim Tebow down. The Lord continues to use him in incredible ways. Now he’s partnering with his brother, Robby, to share their faith through film, in Run the Race. The film is about two high school athlete brothers who share the same dream of finding a life away from their current circumstances at home.

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Zach, the best football player on the team, has planned his post-high school life perfectly. As an All-State athlete, he’s working on the field for a college scholarship that will lead him away from his current life. In an instant, his hope is diminished when he’s badly injured in a fight.

David, on the other hand, clings to his faith during the most difficult times in life: when his mom dies, when his dad abandons the family and when he recovers from his own sports injury. “It’s an awesome story about two brothers that are going to hang on to each other and support one another and lift each other up,” says Executive Producer Tim Tebow. As brotherhood leads him, David becomes Zach’s personal trainer. His faith must carry them both as Zach battles the fight with failure in the film Run the Race.

Strength in Run the Race

It’s when David hits the track and weight room with his brother, that the true plan is revealed; God has been weaving together something for them both. Through the journey, the brothers find emotional and spiritual hope as well as hope for the future. “I love this story and I love being a part of storytelling and being able to share something that’s so inspirational with so much courage and conviction behind it,” says Tebow, Executive Producer of Run the Race. “When I read the script, I decided this is something that I wanted to be behind.”

Zach and David have a hard life, there’s no doubt about that. Their mother’s death and father’s clutch on alcohol has given them nothing to stand on except their own two legs. Fortunately, their legs are strong, and their hearts are brave as they face life together. “Run the Race is about so much more than football. This is a story about overcoming the hard issues of life, about the power of sacrifice, the power of family, and the power of forgiveness,” Tim Tebow explains. Both brothers use their strength to run toward a goal. “I love being a part of a project like this because it will impact lives, inspire hope and even prompt action.”

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When vulnerability and love enter the picture, it becomes a natural reaction for Zach to run in the opposite direction. He quickly learns that he can’t outrun the God of the universe. That’s the main message that Tebow wants to present, “How much we’re loved by the God of this universe. Out of everything He could have done and could be doing, He chose us. He chose to give His all, His best for us. His best was His son, and He gave it for you, and He gave it for me. And, He couldn’t have sacrificed more, He couldn’t have given more. He gave His everything and He gave His best because He loves us like crazy, because He loves you like crazy.”


Though the brothers in Run the Race have an unbreakable bond, and it looks like David is the person who comes to Zach’s rescue, the truth is that God placed many people into this story. It’s a simple demonstration of God’s love. “We don’t understand how to love until we understand how much we’re loved,” exclaims Tebow. “This relates to so many people because it’s not just a story about football. It’s a story about family. It’s a story about courage. It’s a story about relationships. And ultimately, it’s a story that in everything God has a special plan for your life that, you’ll never know, until you get to see the picture one day of how He was weaving everything for our good and His glory,” states Tebow.

Faith in Run the Race

It’s when Zach realizes that the answer is faith in Christ that he finds God’s plan of freedom. Tim Tebow perfectly states, “You can’t really always see the bigger picture until one day, until later, in the midst of it.” Sports are an incredible anecdote of life and faith. When someone wins a victory, another person must deal with the pain of loss. You face both adversity and teamwork. You have to work hard and be dedicated. You have to commit, give it your all and lean on your faith. “Walking by faith is not that I can see everything, or how it’s going to work out. It’s saying, ‘You know what God? This is tough, but I’m going to trust you. I’m going to hold your hand and one day you’re going to show me why I went through all this’,” Tebow replies when speaking about the lessons presented in Run the Race.

You know what God? This is tough, but I’m going to trust you. I’m going to hold your hand and one day you’re going to show me why I went through all this.

Tim Tebow

It’s in the darkest of times that we need God the most, but it’s during these times that we sense Him the least. This darkness, the struggles in life, is what everyone can relate to and makes Run the Race so applicable. “Very few people can relate to some of the highs that God has blessed me with,” says Tebow, “but most people can relate to the lows of when they said, ‘You’re not good enough. You can’t do this.’ When I’ve been fired three times, when I was cut from another [team]. People can relate more to that than they could ever relate to a Heisman or to a National Championship or to a Playoff Run because most people know what it’s like to be told, ‘You’re not good enough. You know, you’re just not enough.’ You’re going to be told that, but the God of this universe does love you like crazy and He says that you are enough.”

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