Who Said You Weren’t Beautiful?

Just for Girls, Because Sometimes No One Else Understands

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Walking through the mall, your school or into the local Starbucks, you automatically size yourself up to every other female you pass. Some are gorgeous, some are plain and some are comparable to you. You always want to be the girl who looks gorgeous, but you can never seem to convince yourself that you truly are. Why is that the case? Why have you let yourself believe that you are not gorgeous?

Who told you that you’re not beautiful? Was it the media, a girl at school, a friend, an old boyfriend, a teacher or coach, your mom or sibling? Or, was it you? Have you compared yourself so deeply to everyone else that you don’t believe that you’re gorgeous? Whoever is to blame, is not speaking the truth. You are beautiful. You are gorgeous. You are stunning. That is the truth. Don’t convince yourself to believe anything other than the truth.

You were created by a magnificent God, for His own pleasure. He wants you to be beautiful, He made you that way. He enjoys your beauty. And, He wants you to see your own beauty and worth. Everyone who loves you and cares for you wants you to see your true beauty too. Your beauty is unique, exceptional and brilliant. Don’t believe otherwise. To do so is to not fully understand yourself or your place in this world.

You are Beautiful

Don’t believe the lies. Don’t listen to voices in your head telling you that you’re not good enough. Don’t tell yourself that if you could change just a little, then you would reach the status of beautiful. Don’t believe the lies of other people. Don’t compare yourself to every other figure in the media. Satan is using every negative or wrong word to pull you away from your true identity. Knowing that you are beautiful is part of knowing who you are. Your identity comes from accepting your full and entire self.

Every girl is gorgeous, even the plain, worn down, hardened and hurt. When you can see the beauty that resides within each of them, you’ll begin to experience and accept the beauty that exists within you. Yes, every girl is gorgeous. Do you believe that? Can you see it? Take a look. Don’t just see the pretty girl, or label someone as plain. See what makes them beautiful. See how exquisite they are. See them, not through the eyes of the world whose standards are not based on anything of value, but rather see their true attraction. They are a treasure, just like you. Can you see that treasure? Can you experience that beauty? Can you marvel in their splendor? God desires that for everyone – you, them, everyone.

Let go of the lie and ask yourself who told you that you are beautiful? Your mom, your sibling, your friend, your coach, your youth pastor, your dad, your grandma, your boyfriend, your classmate, yourself? God! Listen to the truth because knowing and seeing your beauty is liberating.

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