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sleeping sweetheart styles perfect for a sleepover
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Cute Enough for a Sleepover, Comfortable Enough for a Good Night’s Sleep

Valentine’s Day is upon us, which means it’s time to spend the evening with your girlfriends in some sweetheart styles! Valentines is the perfect time of year to have an outrageously fun sleepover with the ladies in your life that you love the most! So, gather up the snacks, Christian love songs, movies and spa materials and get ready to crawl into these incredible pajamas for a night filled with fun, beauty and confidence!

Wrap up in Soft Sweetheart Styles

Pack an incredibly soft robe to make the evening more relaxing and peaceful!

Utilitarian Sweetheart Styles Accessories

Add a little more comfort to the evening with a super soft blanket, and a fun pillow! Carry all your makeup in a cute bag.

Now that you have all your gear, show your best friends that your truly care for them and that you are grateful God placed them in your life!

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