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After Sun Lotions and Gels
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The sun is out in full blaze and your skin feels the heat. When you’ve experienced too much fun in the sun and your skin is in need of some relief, we have the cure for you. Here are nine healthy after-sun products that will help you heal from that bad summer sunburn:

Best After Sun Lotion and Gel Products

  1. Alba Botanica After Sun Gel, 8 oz.
  2. Mill Creek Botanicals 99% Aloe Vera Gel, $6.99 for 8 oz.
  3. Banana Boat Soothing Aloe After Sun Gel, 16. oz.
  4. Burt’s Bees After Sun Soother, 6 oz.
  5. KORRES Greek Yoghurt Cooling Gel, $26.00 for 5.07 oz.
  6. Maui Babe After Browning Lotion, $24.00 for 8 oz.
  7. Beauty Counter Countersun After Sun Cooling Gel, $32.00 for 8 oz.
  8. Attitude After Sun Gel with Calendula, $16.95 for 5.2 oz. 
  9. Badger Aloe Vera Gel, $7.99 for 4 oz.
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