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Modest Clothing for Back to School


Dress appropriately for school during the warm weather months

Every August shopping for your back-to-school wardrobe can become difficult due to strict school dress codes. If your school doesn’t have a uniform, then odds are you have to abide by a dress code that limits inappropriate clothing. This can become increasingly difficult during the summer when all you want to wear is shorts and a tank top. Modern trends can also make it hard to find cute clothes that are appropriate for school, however there are still plenty of ways to stay trendy and cool in the hot weather.

Cocoons and Kimonos

Cocoons and Kimonos are versatile enough that you can wear anything underneath, plus the flowing fit won’t leave you hot and sweaty. A cocoon or kimono is essential to wear over your tank tops that might not pass the dress code. Additionally, they can transition into fall and winter because they look great over a long sleeve tee with jeans and your favorite pair of booties. If you want to dress up your cocoon or kimono even more, wear it with a skirt and cute pair of wedges for a great night out.

Patterned Shorts

Patterned flowing shorts have enough personality so that they can be paired with a simple short sleeve white or black tee. These shorts are very trendy, so find a good length that isn’t too tight. Then, they’ll be great for school and comfortable on the hottest of days. These shorts can even be worn into the early days of fall if paired with a light sweater, tights and neutral pair of flats.

Sleeveless Tops

Sleeveless tops are great for school and adorable when paired with a pair of shorts of appropriate length or white jeans. Each blouse is unique and still provides coverage on your shoulders so you’ll be able to wear them to school. When paired with a light jacket, booties and a pair of jeans, you can wear these tops into the fall.

Now you can stay within the guidelines of the dress code without your style being cramped. You’re set for the beginning of the school year even if you would rather still be lounging by the pool.

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