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But the greatest of these is…

The best stories aren’t some made up fairy tale. They are true stories about love, heroism and hope. Even though this love story has the quality of a Nicholas Sparks novel, it is real, which makes it even more heart pounding. Riding on the success of their smash hit I Can Only Imagine, a biopic about MercyMe’s front man Bart Millard, the Erwin brothers release another film of the same caliber.

KJ Apa as 'Jeremy Camp' and Britt Robertson as 'Melissa Henning' in I STILL BELIEVE. Photo Credit: Michael Kubeisy.
KJ Apa as ‘Jeremy Camp’ and Britt Robertson as ‘Melissa Henning’ in I STILL BELIEVE. Photo Credit: Michael Kubeisy.

I Still Believe depicts the inspiration behind popular Christian artist Jeremy Camp’s chart topping single by the same name. Camp didn’t have the easiest childhood and his teen years were marked with willful determination, but he had a loving family and he knew God. As a pastor’s kid, he attended college at Calvary Chapel Bible College in California where he joined and eventually lead the worship team. At school he met Melissa with whom he fell deeply in love and married. Four months after their wedding, Melissa died of ovarian cancer.

Called to Create

When grief overwhelmed his soul, praising God seemed like the last possible thing on Camp’s list. How could God let this happen? Why now? Why would God take her away? In his grief, Camp asked the hard questions. Being able to give God his frustration became his greatest outlet. In his vulnerability and deepest pain, he was drawn closer to the Almighty. The Creator of everything brought forth this relationship and marriage. That same Creator had something for Jeremy Camp to create – a song.

KJ Apa stars as ‘Jeremy Camp’ in I STILL BELIEVE. Photo Credit: Michael Kubeisy

Not just any song, but a song that would inspire millions. A song that would drive him to find healing. A song that would bring him unrelenting success. When Jeremy and Melissa learned of her diagnosis, they didn’t walk away, they dove in headfirst. They built strength and clung to God’s hope. Jeremy prayed endlessly for healing. Melissa knew the disease would take her life. Their opposing thoughts didn’t pull them apart, it made their prayers stronger and their story more powerful.

God’s Faithfulness

i-still-believe-ISB - Payoff Poster_rgb copyThe film depicts this beautiful love story and how, when the pain seems like it will never go away, God provides the faith to carry on. Jeremy penned the song “I Still Believe” declaring that nothing, not even lost love, can crush our faith in an everlasting, compassionate, loving God. Though Camp was young, his faith was firm. God used this firm foundation to raise up an award-winning star. When his desires began to unwind and his life seemed empty, God began writing a new verse. In the midst of his increasing success, Camp met his second wife, Adrienne, frontwoman of The Benjamin Gate. It isn’t this newfound love that demonstrates God’s faithfulness. It’s God’s promise to be present in the midst of every hardship. Camp could make a commitment to a dying woman because he knew God was bigger than his suffering.

Melissa desired for a single life to be impacted by the hardship she experienced. Instead of one life, millions have lifted hands in praise to the lyrics of such a palpable song and with the release of this film, thousands more will be inspired to cling to God alone.

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