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Utilize these materials to motivate you during your late night study hour

Back-to-School for only a month, and you’re already looking forward to next year’s summer vacation. Spruce up your mundane study space, locker and backpack with these inspirational school supplies and let them help you find the motivation to learn, grow and become the woman God desires for you to become.

For Your Desk

It’s tempting to purchase standard desk organizers in a sleek black metal, but create a vibrant and colorful study space by using a vase or coffee mug to hold all your utensils and a tray or platter for your papers. Add some personality with a fun water bottle, playful pen or lovely lamp. Also, include framed pictures of your best friends; they can be the perfect inspiration when you’re studying for a test or tackling a long list of assignments due by the end of the week.

H&M Home Vase, $24.99, available at H&M; H&M Home India Mandavi Mug, $14.99, available at H&M; H&M Home Serving Dish, $5.99, available at H&M; Disco Ball Tumbler, $16.00, available at Altar’d State; H&M Home Scented Candle in Glass, $9.99, available at H&M; Best Friends Forever Photo Frame, $9.99, available at; God Lights Our Way Glow-in-the-dark Pen, $1.99, available at; Lava Lamp in Blue and Yellow, $32.99, available at

For Your Locker

Magnetized mirrors or white boards are a standard locker decor, but spruce up your space with LEGO Dot message boards, magnets with scriptural truth, or use a compact mirror with an inspirational quote. Have extra folders on hand, as well as stickers to personalize your school supplies throughout the year. A devotional that you can read during downtime, free period or lunch, can be a perfect pick-me-up during the long school year (so can scripture cards). Plus, have a trinket tray to collect odds and ends sitting on a shelf, as well as screen cleaners so you’re healthy all year!

Faith Wooden Heart Tray, $17.99, available at; When Life Gives You More than You Can Stand, Kneel Magnet, $6.99, available at; GraceLaced File Folders, $14.99, available at Lifeway; Be a Reflection of God’s Love Compact Mirror, $9.99, available at; Live by Sadie Robertson, $19.99, available at Altar’d State; Faith Stickers Collection Book, $14.00, available at Altar’d State; LEGO DOTS Message Board, $19.99, available at; God’s Promises Scripture Cards, $12.00, available at Altar’d State; Well-Kept Tech Wipes, $6.00, available at Altar’d State.

For Your Backpack

Your backpack goes with your everywhere, so it has to hold some series motivation. Start with some silly and cute smiley faces, then pile on the keychains (hooked to your straps or zipper) with some hard-core “get into gear” quotes. Utilize a pen with your favorite scripture and have an uplifting bookmark on hand. Most important is a planner – cause we all need a break from our phone – and a journal where we can escape and let God speak to us during the most unexpected situations.

Pink and Yellow Smiley AirPods Case, $20.00, available at Altar’d State; See The Good ID Case, $18.00, available at Altar’d State; Smiley Water Bottle by Nalgene, $26.00, available at Altar’d State; Salamanca Planner, $32.00, available at Altar’d State; Rosemary Beach Journaling Bible, $60.00, available at Altar’d State; But First Pray Keychain, $14.00, available at Altar’d State; Hope and a Future Bookmark, $4.99, available at; Be Still and Know that I am God Gift Pen in Purple, $9.99, available at

For Your Bedroom

Don’t confine your study inspiration to your desk, spread the wealth throughout your entire bedroom. Find some wall art that speaks encouragement into your heart, as well as fun speakers so you can blast your favorite tunes. Add a planter that reminds you to “hang in there.” Sketch out your week on a decorative chalkboard, and note the time on a clock that helps you focus on how God’s in control. Centralize your space with a natural rug and add extra seating so you aren’t always stuck at the desk. Finally, add a plethora of color with pillows and blankets scattered around to create an extra cozy space.

Hanging Sloth Succulent, $18.00, available at Altar’d State; Beautiful Girl Block Sign, $14.00, available at Altar’d State; Be Still Clock, $78.99, available at; This Week Message Board Chalkboard, $78.99, available at; H&M Home Pillow, $17.99, available at H&M; H&M Home Blanket, $14.99, available at H&M; H&M Home Bench, $179.00, available at H&M; H&M Home Rug, $34.99, available at H&M; Crosley Bluetooth Speaker, $24.00, available at Altar’d State.
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