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It’s sweater weather, and we want to highlight this season’s top 9 sweater trends. From cropped and cardigan styles worn over body suits to turtle necks and animal prints, you’ll have so much fun finding a sweater that suits your body type, personality and style!

Cropped sweaters are this season’s number one fashion trend, so don’t let the winter months slip by without adding one of these fabulous sweaters to your wardrobe (key tip: wear with high-rise bottoms and over a body suit or tank top to stay modest and warm):

When the cold and snowy weather calls for a cozy and comfortable sweater, a rugged cardigan is the best option:

It’s all in the details, our favorite wardrobe pieces always have a special detail, such as this year’s cable knit trend that make them timeless and lovable:

Turtle neck collars come in all different shapes and sizes, but fun and comfortable is consistent:

Faux-fur and fuzzy detailing can be rich and beautiful or rough and rugged, what style fits you best:

Animal print a classic go-to in the winter, pair with jeans or a skirt for a relaxing and cozy look:

Cozy-up by the fireplace in these oversized sweaters:

Create a sophisticated look by wearing a cropped sweater vest over a turtle neck, button-up or basic long sleeve shirt:

The sky’s the limit with sweater trends this winter, so top off your wardrobe with a star struck sweater:

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