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series of cameras laid out to form a cross
Melinda Laging

Film’s About God’s Forgiveness

Our culture loves movies about revenge, but a story about forgiveness captivates the heart like none-other. But, a film that touches on God’s forgiveness has power. Here are nine film’s about God’s Forgiveness, or at least can teach us about God’s forgiveness, not just human forgiveness.  

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Abigail Cowen as Angel and Tom Lewis as Michael Hosea in the Redeeming Love Movie
Melinda Laging

God’s Redeeming Love Movie

The Redeeming Love movie isn’t about Angel, as many believe. It’s about the perseverance of Michael Hosea as he pursues his love and follows God’s calling. If you pay close attention, you’ll quickly realize that the Redeeming Love movie is the retelling of the biblical story of Hosea.

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