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Alicia Hayes

Joy is Near

There are many words that float around this time of year. Sometimes the words become so over-used that they seem to lose their meaning. Like “joy.”

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extended family praying at Christmas Dinner Table
Melinda Laging

Dealing with Extended Family

It’s Christmas Eve and your Aunt, Uncle and cousins just rolled into your driveway for a short visit. Your grandparents have been staying at your house all week. Every year your parents insist on celebrating Christmas with their family, but it’s such a miserable experience. 

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Christmas gift ideas for teenagers
Melinda Laging

Gift Giving For All

This Christmas season don’t just give to your family and close friends, God has placed a myriad of people in your life who support you, so show them your gratitude with some of these great gift ideas ranging from the simple and cheap to the deserving splurge.

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