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Louise Wo

A Quiet Friendship

We had just finished eating lunch in the school cafeteria and I realized that Jane* had left the table. Nobody seemed to know where she had gone, but I had a pretty good idea.

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Glenda Olson

Eating Disorder Meaning Found in These Books

These are great books to read if you’re struggling with body image, an eating disorder or have a friend who’s dealing with a negative perspective of her body. Review these nine books to gain a better understanding of an eating disorder meaning.

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young woman measuring waist with measuring tape
Louise Wo

Kari’s Story

All of us women are about 5’1”, but my build is much more athletic than my stick-thin siblings’ and mom’s. Around the holiday season of my very busy junior year (with honors classes, running track, two church choirs and the school musical), I got really sick from exhaustion and ended up losing about five pounds. I received lots of great compliments and started to think eating less might be a good idea.

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