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Alicia Hayes

Joy is Near

There are many words that float around this time of year. Sometimes the words become so over-used that they seem to lose their meaning. Like “joy.”

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Arch bridge
Melinda Laging

Finding Self-Control in Self-Centering

The scaffolding supports the construction workers as they establish the foundation of the structure. The scafolding for the construction of an archway is especially unique. When an archway is constructed a temporary scafolding or framework is built under the archway before the construction can even begin. This temporary structure, called “Centering,” holds the weight of the arch. Christ is our scaffolding as we journey through life.

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Painting contrasting white and black
niNe. contributor

Resist or Accept the Spirit

It’s fun to contemplate all the wonder that comes from accepting the Spirit. By asking Jesus to be Lord of our life and receiving the Spirit, we enter into a deep connection with the Lord, where the Holy Spirit leads us, guides us, directs our lives and teaches us to assume the character of Christ.

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