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Teen girl feeling sorrow and covering her head with hoodie
Melinda Laging


When sorrow overwhelms, we naturally reach out for help, but are often let down. God, however, is faithful. He will provide for us in our sorrow and pain.

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Rebecca Matthews

How to Overcome When Divorce Devastates

Judy and Rich are typical parents who have become distant and argue a lot. Their problems lead to a decision to divorce. Not an uncommon scenario in today’s world. Jamie, their thirteen-year-old daughter, and Peter, their ten-year-old son, are caught off guard when Judy tells them what’s happening. They react differently.

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Rebecca Matthews

A Teen’s Perspective on Divorce

I’m Jamie, thirteen year old daughter of Judy and Rich Parker. Peter’s my younger brother. I don’t know what happened that night after Mom stormed out, but something definitely changed. Months later, the difference was obvious.

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