The Life of an Influencer

Just for Girls, Because Sometimes No One Else Understands

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Pretty much everything you do has an impact on someone or something. That means you are an influence. You may not think that your influence on the world is anything significant, but the fact is, you have a great influence on this world. You can’t live a single moment without being an influence. Even if you tried, you’d still be making an impact. What you do and who you are matter. The mere fact that you are living and breathing on this Earth, right now, at this very time, means you have a purpose. You were set here for a reason.

Your circumstances or status, your age or gender, your talents or abilities don’t prevent you from being an influence. Nothing can. You influence the people around you. You influence the environment. You influence the future of this country and the world. There is so much you impact.

The Kind of Influencer You Are

You can choose to be a good influence or a bad influence, but more importantly, you can approach life as being a Godly or ungodly influence. A Godly influence is someone who focuses on God’s teachings and intention for life and pursues a relationship with Him. Someone who is a Godly influence speaks love and wisdom into situations, revealing glimpses of God’s character throughout the day in every situation. A Godly influence brings peace, joy, love and light into dark circumstances.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, an ungodly influence is self-focused, not concerned about the benefit of others, but solely focused on their own gain and selfish ambition. An ungodly influence isn’t necessarily someone that’s evil, it’s simply someone who’s not interested in God’s plans or His ways. An ungodly influence is out of tune with the glory of God and unaware of His goodness, compassion and love. They do not understand the very nature of God.

Learning to be a Godly Influence

The Bible was written for people of influence. It’s a tool that we can utilize to better grasp and understand the type of influence we want to be and why. The Bible provides examples and lessons that reveal God’s intentions, hopes and desires for us as His influencers on the world. It gives us examples and stories that demonstrate what it looks like to be a Godly influence.

The Bible is actually full of people who God used to make a negative impact on the world. Take Pharaoh from Exodus for example. God hardened his heart, but God still used Him. So, will you choose to allow God to use you to impact His kingdom, or will you dig in your heels and cause God to use you in a way that isn’t as delightful?

Being a Godly influence isn’t easy. It requires going against the world’s common beliefs and understanding. It means pushing against Satan and his evil schemes. It means overcoming your own doubt and disbelief. It takes discipline, perseverance and strength. But, being a Godly influence has significant rewards. You will be blessed. You will be a blessing. You will experience God’s abundance in ways you never could have imagined.

You are very influential. God made you that way. Satan knows that and he is threatened by you! Stand up to the devil and be the Godly influence you were created to be.

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