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The Sing Team The Last Christmas on Earth Album Cover
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Have you ever started a Bible Study or small group at church to do one thing, but it ended up having a different purpose? God brings us together in the most interesting ways to orchestrate His purpose, and out of that, we find and connect with the most incredible people. 

The Sing Team was made in such a way. The group started as a small community group at Mars Hill church. One of the deacons of the church invited friends and family over to share meals and camaraderie. For fun, the group would sing songs. Over time this expanded to writing and arranging music. Eventually the group regularly led worship at church, and has since released several EPs and full-length albums. 

The Sound of The Sing Team

The root of the group isn’t about producing popular music, it’s about expressing joy and praise to the Lord in a manner that compliments their character. But, this group includes a variety of personalities, talents and interests and therefore their music can be described as… well, a plethora of things:

  • Muppets meets Mo-town
  • Groovy yet Folksy
  • Showtunes or Sing-a-long 
  • Campy and Classical
  • Retro, Cinematic, Gaming
  • Choral joins Orchestration 

The Sing Team’s diversity in sound lends to an incredible ability to connect with a variety of listeners. From trendy, pop-culture enthusiasts to low-key, traditionalists, The Sing Team literally offers a sound for everyone. This communal aspect is perfect for the holiday’s when life is all about coming together in merriment and joy. 

Community with The Sing Team

The band demonstrates how you can enjoy life, in a playful and carefree way, while still having total reverence for God. Each song invites you into the room with the band. It feels as if you’re sitting by the fire with the band and experiencing each song personally. Their music is layered with intricate sound effects and background vocals – like a distant choir, perhaps singing at your driveway in the snow. 

The Sing Team is able to present their music in this fashion because they’re founded on friendship and family. Go back to how they were formed. They demonstrate that the closest of friends and the deepest of relationships are formed through the reaches of God. Perhaps God has this type of community in store for your future. He intends for every Christian to be a part of a community where you can completely be yourself. You can be honored, loved and respected for being silly, goofy, playful, fun and creative, innovative, interesting, smart, confident, warm, thoughtful and compassionate. You can be reverent and gracious to the Lord, while still wholly YOU. 

The Last Christmas on Earth Album

This season, The Sing Team presents “The Last Christmas on Earth… Again.” Basically, they produced a Christmas album last year with five popular seasonal songs. But this year, they’re adding 6 new songs, including one modern track and one original song. 

The Sing Team “Behold Him” on The Last Christmas on Earth

The group brings an amazing life to these old beloved tunes. But, it’s the newer songs that really stand out. “Behold Him” has become a yuletide favorite in recent years because it lists the names of Jesus (Alpha and Omega, the Roaring Lion) encouraging listeners to contemplate the reality of everything Christ encompasses. The song refers to Revelation 4, reminding listeners that God is holy, mighty and worthy of all praise. But in order for us to really contemplate this truth, the song challenges us to be still and behold HIM.

In their original song, “Make Room,” the band encourages listeners to put aside the noise of the world and make room to hear and praise the Lord. With expansive lines that touch on Christ’s majesty and our humanness, The Sing Team magnifies the wonder of God sending His son to be with us on earth. “Mystery speaks whispered in ordinary ways through christ/ Eternity’s king born in an ordinary place and time.” They highlight the breadth of our incredible God coming to us in the most ordinary manner. As the holidays come and go, The Sing Team reminds us to Make Room for God in our heart and lives so we can hear His magnificence speak to us.

These two palatable songs will certainly become a seasonal favorite. 

The Sing Team “Make Room” on The Last Christmas on Earth

So join the band around the fire this Christmas. Break out a santa puzzle, some eggnog and get ready to carol like you’ve never done before. 

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