Three Ways to Make a Healthy Cottage Cheese Snack

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A long day at school requires a hearty snack before hitting the books for a major study session. Rather than munching on junk food, give your brain and body a substantial boost with a protein packed cottage cheese snack. Here are three delicious ways to enjoy an energizing snack. 

Making these cottage cheese snacks is incredibly easy – often with two ingredients or less. Many people don’t think of having cottage cheese as a snack, so ask your mom to add it to her grocery list and give it a try.

Top Your Bowl with Jam for a great Cottage Cheese Snack

Swirl in your favorite jam, jelly or fruit preserve for a delicious snack. The sweet and creamy combination almost makes it taste like an afternoon dessert. 

Add one Tablespoon with ½ cup cottage cheese. 

Top Your Bowl with Granola for a great Cottage Cheese Snack

Rather than yogurt and granola, try cottage cheese and granola. It’s an awesome mix of sweet and salty. Consider trying any high-fiber cereal as well for an incredible energy boost. Add a ¼ cup granola or cereal to ½ cup cottage cheese.

Top Your Bowl with Graham Crackers for a great Cottage Cheese Snack

Crumble up graham crackers, or just use your cottage cheese as a dip. The combo tastes like a hearty cheese cake. Add fresh fruit if you need a little extra sweetness. 

Use a ½ cup cottage cheese for one sheet of graham crackers.

Enjoy your cottage cheese snack while listening to some relaxing music to set yourself up for a successful afternoon and evening of productive studying and homework. It’s simple to make a healthy cottage cheese snack, so enjoy while reading a good book, chatting with a friend or enjoy your favorite version with your boyfriend. Throw it in a tupperware and take it to-go. Make an extra batch for someone in your family. Pair it with popcorn for a unique movie night snack.

Let us know how you fix your cottage cheese snack or which one of these selections is your favorite.

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