Unsung Hero Movie Portrays Strength in Family and Stories



​​Even though you may not believe it, you’re living a remarkable story. Whether your story is full of ups and downs or it’s a steady page turner, it needs to be shared because stories matter. Your effort matters. What God is doing in your life is important and other people can learn from you. Now, that doesn’t mean you need to get out a megaphone and shout it out to the world. It’s often the quiet people who work behind the scenes that have the most extraordinary tale to tell. That’s what the brotherly duo of FOR KING + COUNTRY, Joel and Luke Smallbone, proclaim in their new movie. We often place the people with the microphone and the biggest crowd following them on a pedestal as people who have a story worth listening to, but for them it is their mother – The Unsung Hero – who has the most remarkable story.

The Story Behind the Unsung Hero Movie

In the midst of significant change, grave financial struggle and cultural shock, Helen Smallbone kept the faith and loved unconditionally. Her husband, David Smallbone, owned a prominent music company in Australia and brings the famous American Christian Musician Amy Grant to the country for a tour. The tour flops, and with a devastating economic recession, the family loses everything. David then moves his family to America when he receives a job offer in Nashville. He ends up losing that job. With no food and no money, sleeping on beds made out of clothes, the family has to band together to make ends meet. Helen directs her entire family to rely on God and reminds them that He’s the  provider of everything. Setting their pride aside, the entire family works together to mow lawns, clean houses and do dirty work. When all looks bleak and hopeless, giving up is not an option. Rather, the family leans on God more.  

When the family looks to God, they see how He is guiding the dreams of Helen and David through their incredibly beautiful and talented daughter, who becomes one of the most inspirational and impactful Christian musicians. The whole family rally’s around big sister, Rebecca St. James, becoming her road crew. 

The Strength of Family

The strength of the Smallbone family is rooted in serving others. Dynamics of any family are difficult, even an incredibly successful family that’s in the spotlight. On the outside, it appears as if the Smallbone brothers never experienced any conflict, but as children, they were often at odds. Joel, who co-wrote, co-directed and played his father David states, “Family is complicated. You gotta fight for your family. If you want a healthy family, be the person who says, ‘I’m sorry’ first.” Joel expresses that today’s culture doesn’t value family very well, but the impact of family is incredibly powerful. He states, “The type of intimacy that’s involved when conflict is resolved is extraordinary.” 

Each of the Smallbone children look at their mother with total admiration. She is their dream come true. She always inspired her children to be greater than they imagined they could be. As Rebecca proclaims on and off the screen, her dream is to be like her mother.

What’s Your Unsung Hero Movie Story?

The Smallbone brothers stood on stage after stage performing as FOR KING + COUNTRY sharing this story to crowded venues. Over and over again, they would hear people say, “You gotta make a movie about your story.” God guided their story and He will yours too. Helen Smallbone’s story is being shared because people saw her faith prevail. Your story may not be as massive as the Smallbone family’s, but it’s a story about God – so let your world listen.

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