Quiz: What Group Do You Belong In?

Just for Girls, Because Sometimes No One Else Understands

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You’re probably concerned about fitting in from time to time, right?  Wondering, “Who are you?” Or,  “Do people like and understand you?” School can be a great place to find people with similar interests and values, which can help you discover more about your own identity. Take this quiz and find out what group you belong in at school!

  1. School just let out and you have some free time. What are you doing?
  1. You have soccer practice. You need to get dressed so you won’t be late.
  2. Homework. Geometry isn’t going to do itself. 
  3. First a snack, then maybe some television. Or a nice nap. 
  4. You have to call your friends! You’ll probably all hang out together. 
  1. What sounds more appealing?
  1. Building a birdhouse from scratch. 
  2. Acing a test.
  3. Playing a prank on someone.
  4. Going to an event at school.
  1. Would you describe your style as…?
  1. Dressed down (i.e. jerseys and jeans)
  2. Tailored and crisp (i.e. button-up shirts and sweaters)
  3. Comfy (i.e. flowing dresses, sweatpants and hoodies)
  4. Fashionable (i.e. trendy outfits and name brands)
  1. How do you style your hair? 
  1. A bun. It needs to be out my face. 
  2. Hairstyles are trivial, and don’t really have an impact on anything. 
  3. Depends on the day and my mood.
  4. It has to look cute and flattering! 
  1. Favorite subjects in school?
  1. Gym, Woodshop, Cooking Class.
  2. I like all of them, actually. 
  3. Drama, Art, History.
  4. Lunch, Free Period. 
  1. What kind of movies do you like?
  1. Something to do with hacking and computers.
  2. I like movies that involve mystery or science fiction. Trying to figure out how it will end is fun. Or, political thrillers.
  3. Any movie on Netflix. 
  4. Feel-good movies and comedies that I can watch with other people. 
  1. What is your favorite color?
  1. The color of wood. Or, black, green and silver. 
  2. White. Did you know that white means there is an absence of color?
  3. Black, like the night sky.
  4. My school’s colors.
  1. How do you feel when you’re around people you don’t know?
  1. As long as they like me, I’m fine. 
  2. I really only like to be around people I know well. 
  3. It doesn’t particularly bother me.
  4. I love meeting new people!
  1. You have to draw a picture for a contest, what would you draw? 
  1. Just lines and lines of computer code.
  2. A landscape, or significant building.
  3. A neoimpressionist painting that represents the human mind.
  4. Two best friends swimming in a sparkling lake. 


If You Answered Mostly 1s:

You’re part of The “Handy” Group. 

Activities that require physicality probably come easy to you; like sports, crafting or even cooking. You either know how to handle a computer, have ample amounts of skill when it comes to building things or you enjoy a certain physicality that you display through playing sports and working out. 

The Handy Group, more than any group, bands together because of shared skills. Members of this group can relate to each other because they’re all excellent at similar activities and are able to recognize their God given talent. 


Be thankful for the talents and the friends God has brought into your life. 

If You Answered Mostly 2s:

You’re part of The “Over-Achiever” Group. 

You’re probably a part of student council, government or a quiz and debate team. You love school and learning, and excel at tasks that require mental sharpness. To you, nothing feels better than receiving an “A.” School and homework are such huge parts of your life that you don’t have time for much else.  Which is why it’s great that you have others from the Over-Achiever Group in which you connect. 

Members of this group push each other to be their best selves. Though they find fulfillment through making good grades, Over-Achievers should remember to take their head out of the books every now and again to engage with the people close to them.


Iron sharpens iron. You can learn something from everyone you meet and interact with if you keep an open mind and heart. 

If You Answered Mostly 3s: 

You’re a part of The “Floater” Group! 

You’re as free and flighty as a bird, and love bouncing from group to group. You may be a part of the theater, band or art crowd. You feel the need to constantly express yourself, and enjoy taking on new roles. Or, possibly you’re part of the rebellious pack, because you find it fun to live outside the bounds. You love meeting people because they give you inspiration and new insight into the human mind. 

Overall, the Floater Group is very accepting. Individuals in this group band together because they feel they can be completely themselves. Because of the mechanics of the group, it’s size and shape changes with time.


Try to adopt the accepting attitude when it comes to everyone in your life, and help others to do the same. But, don’t be afraid of a little stability. God may want you to be grounded for awhile. Just look at is an opportunity to gain deeper insight about Him and the world around you.

If You Answered Mostly 4s:

You’re a part of The “Social Butterfly” Group! 

You probably like to include yourself in things like cheerleading or activities involving school spirit. You have a knack for making friends and talking to a variety of people. Most of your free time is spent making plans and hanging out with those you love. Your personality is infectious! You may flitter around, spending a little time in each social group before heading back to your core group of best friends.

People in the Social Butterfly Group have the gift of being able to see other’s hearts. They can connect with others very easily, and genuinely. 


Though it’s amazing you have so many people you enjoy, remember to take some time occasionally to enjoy yourself and God.  

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