Does “What’s on the Inside” Really Count?

Just for Girls, Because Sometimes No One Else Understands

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“It’s what’s on the inside that counts!”—we’ve heard that statement before.  It’s used for almost any situation that may call for a confidence boost. It’s said to the point where we’ve dubbed it a “cliché” thing to say. So, is it really what’s on the inside that counts? 


Of course, our character and personality matter. When we’re old, we’ll want people to love us for our personalities and what we give to the world. We don’t want them to view the materialistic and surface things about us. But why does it matter? What is it about the inside that’s important? 


There’s only one us in the world. Who we are “on the inside” is entirely unique. We don’t have clones of ourselves that make our personality and actions less special. Though we make similar decisions as others, each decision, and the corresponding result are specific to us and our situation. 


He created us so that what we offer the world matters more than our looks.


Our level of exterior attractiveness is obsolete in comparison to the intricacies of what’s inside—our conscience and emotions. No one has our exact same mindset and emotions, and no one can know what that perspective is unless we choose to express ourselves. If we want to be blonde, we can make that change. If we want straight hair, we can also make that happen. Our outer appearance is easily manipulated, but our aspirations and morals are not. So, it really is what’s on the inside that counts, because no one can quiet match what each of us have on the inside. 


God created each of us a particular way. He created us so that what we offer the world matters more than our looks. He knows that our personality, quirks and actions hold more substance to those that truly care about us. He calls us according to His purpose based on our ability and personality, not because of some superficial beauty. So, when someone says, “It’s what’s on the inside that counts,” we should know that it does, because the person who said it, truly believes that what we have on the inside matters.


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