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As a Christian population, we place a lot of emphasis on worship through music. Your personality, talents, interests and character may actually benefit from a different style of worship. Your worship style is how you express yourself and your love for the Lord. The gear, resources, surroundings and atmosphere you utilize can heighten and greatly impact your time with the Lord. Here are nine styles of worship that might compliment your character:



Loving God, the Creator

adventure-backpackers-girls-grass-236973 copyThe place you worship can greatly impact your ability to draw near to God. Seeing His beauty in nature, rather than inside a church building, allows you to be raw and real with the Lord.

  • Gather your seasonal gear (sturdy shoes, protective clothing for the elements, water bottle, etc.) and hit the trails, head to the beach or mountains. Enjoy some one-on-one time with the Lord while spending time outdoors.
  • Designate a place outside (or near a window if the temperature is too harsh) to sit and be still. Possibly journal, sing, hum a tune that’s on your heart, read the Word, or better yet, just listen to the breeze in the trees and the birds flying overhead.



Loving God in Solitude & Simplicity

photo-of-woman-sitting-on-floor-3007355 copyA person with an austere relationship with the Lord, sees the beauty in a simple relationship with Him. They appreciate being alone to spend time basking in His presence.

  • Designate a special place in your room to be still with the Lord. Perhaps it’s a chair or a comfortable rug. This shouldn’t be an elaborate space, something simple and sincere. Or go to your church and find a quiet place, such as a chapel or prayer room, to sit and be still with the Lord. The only thing you should need is your Bible. God will provide the rest.
  • Living a sparse life may actually seem very appealing. You don’t need a lot of frills and extras. The minimum is plenty. This type of lifestyle allows you to focus on God rather than be distracted by the noise and stuff of society. Also, you find joy giving what you have to others. If you’re able to live with less, you can give more.



Loving God through Conflict and Confrontation

people-holding-boxes-2346558 copyYou view God as a just God. You openly bring Him your repentance, but you also offer Him cries of mercy for the hurting and weary people of the world. You love to worship the Lord through service. Seeing the less fortunate receive compassion and justice brings your heart incredible joy.

  • Volunteer, be an activist for a cause that you’re especially passionate about, speak kind words of love and justice to and for others. Pray repentance for yourself and the world. God may call upon you to pray particularly for victims or for His enemy.
  • When you live with less, you can relate more to the people you’re drawn to. While you’re fasting, read the Poverty and Justice Bible (American Bible Society), or any book about people who took a stand for a cause or their faith.



Loving God through Senses

books-on-the-table-1809347 copyYou find yourself lost in the beauty, awe and majesty of the Lord. You love going through the motions of a liturgical church service. You bask in grand music, scripture reading, dance and rituals such as communion. You love being filled with sights, sounds and smells that indulge your senses.

  • Fill your worship space with pictures that remind you of God (framed scripture may be especially pleasing). Listen to a variety of worship music, light candles, and eat or drink a special treat when you’re wanting to spend deliberate time with Lord. Then read through the Bible, old prayers or catechisms.
  • Make sure it’s part of your routine to go to a church service, youth group, small group, retreat or other events where you can be surrounded by the architecture and flow of a larger worship service.


Care Giver

Loving God by Loving Others

woman-in-the-kitchen-preparing-to-cook-2890387 copyYou love to worship the Lord by serving others, especially doing behind-the-scenes tasks that other people don’t even realize you’re responsible for. You see the warmth and beauty of Christ in the less fortunate. You feel close to God when you’re able to connect with other people, encouraging and loving them.

  • Volunteer regularly, serve your family by offering to cook dinner once a week, visit elderly or people who may be lonely, and find a way to be involved in your church or youth group.
  • Make it a habit to spend time chatting with a close friend, giving her encouragement. Or become a mentor to a younger child by building them up and actively being a part of their life.



Loving God through Ritual and Symbols

silver-colored-cross-pendant-on-black-and-white-stripe-790561 copyYou love the old school style and concepts of church: ceremony, symbols, sacraments, sacrifice, etc. You have a very disciplined faith full of routine and ritual.

  • Your personal worship space should be full of symbols that remind you of Christ’s sacrifice and great love for you. Framed scripture, crosses, doves, angels, white or purple cloth. When you’re ready to really dig deeper into Bible study, learn Greek or Hebrew (the original language of the Bible). Consider wearing a traditional cross necklace or other jewelry and attire that express your faith in Christ.
  • Make it a point to find a more traditional, formal and conservative church service (preferably in an older building) that you can attend regularly. You’ll find the ceremony refreshing.



Loving God through Thought

pile-of-books-159866 copyYou feel closest to the Lord when you learn something more about Him. You marvel at the complexity of God’s Word and thirst to understand it more. You love to contemplate Him and His Word. Your mind is active when worshiping and you enjoy having deep conversations about His majesty and mystery.

  • Invest in a variety of Christian media that will open your mind to new thoughts and ideas about God. Subscribe to a Christian magazine that will challenge your faith, regularly read a book about the Christian faith, dig into a group Bible Study, book or online series, listen to a variety of Christian podcasts (even sermons from various pastors), attend various seminars or retreats. When you’re ready to dig deeper into God’s Word, learn Greek or Hebrew so you can grasp the original text of the Bible.
  • Even though you love meaningful, thought provoking conversation, you also need time in silence to contemplate your own reflections. Take a time of silence regularly where you open your mind to simply hear from the Lord. He’s the creator of the universe, He has marvelous things to share.



Loving God with Celebration

woman-wearing-white-long-sleeve-dress-2130906 copyYou love celebrating life with God and other people. The emotion of joy brings you closer to God, and makes His presence seem almost palpable. You openly express your enthusiasm through verbal shouts and dance. You’re not content just knowing about God, you want to experience Him in a new and invigorating way. You want to feel Him and be moved by Him.

  • Don’t just listen to worship music, sing with it, dance to it, raise your hands in praise!
  • Join the choir, band or the church dance troupe. If you don’t have a particular talent for these areas, then make sure the church you’re attending is a little more charismatic, informal or contemporary and open to people verbally or physically expressing their love and joy for the Lord.



Loving God through Adoration

white-canalbuds-668584 copyYou envision Christ as your groom and love the idea of being the bride. Your heart longs for God’s love and you openly express your adoration to Him. You totally understand God’s desire for a personal relationship with you and all His followers.

  • Read love stories or listen to love songs about God’s love and pursuit of His beloved.
  • Create little treasures that remind you of God’s deep and pure love and have them available during your intimate time of worship, prayer and Bible Study. Memorize scripture so His Word penetrates deep in your heart and you can access it whenever you’re in need of His loving grip.


You were created to worship God, it doesn’t matter how you do it, all that matters is that give your heart to the Lord so He can find pleasure in you!

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