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The intention behind a Christian artist’s craft is to provide an opportunity for listeners to become more aware of God. These artists create an invigorating opportunity to experience the Lord through diverse and palpable worship songs. 

Ellie Holcomb: Canyon (Capital CMG)

Ellie Holcomb's Album Canyon

Campfire and canyons, Ellie Holcomb’s latest album offers the perfect summer vibe. Canyon is deep, yet fun and playful, creating the perfect background to summer. Ellie shares her perspective of the album, “Canyon is a record about the current of LOVE that runs through our deepest places of pain, and reminds us that there are ever-present underground reservoirs/an ever-present river of love and peace that will carry us when it feels like we can’t carry on any longer. This record sounds free because I encountered the freedom of being broken AND beloved all at the same time, and I hope these songs feel like an invitation to rest in the current of Love that’s always surrounding. I’ve known a deeper sorrow AND a higher hope, and I pray these songs to remind us that we’ll never walk alone. 

Phil Wickham: Hymn of Heaven

Hymn of Heaven is full of praise and thankfulness, just lifting up the name of Jesus and speaking what we really know the reality is even though we don’t see it. All I want to do is facilitate moments where people can encounter the presence of God,” says Phil Wickham about his eighth studio album, which was born out of the reality that church doesn’t happen in a building, it happens in your heart. He continues by saying, “I just want to write songs that I’d want to sing with my church in a way that musically lights my heart up. I cannot wait for people to hear this album. I can’t wait for these songs to be a part of people’s lives.” 

Phil Wickham offers worship songs in new album Hymn of Heaven

Crowder: Milk & Honey (sixsteps record)

True to his bluegrass roots, Milk & Honey, is Crowder’s most powerful album to date. With incredible collaboration and a robust sound, Crowder provides an electrifying and vibrant performance. 

Starflyer 59: Life in Bed (Tooth & Nail)

Consistency is the name of Jason Martin’s game. Creator of Starflyer 59, Jason’s been around for awhile. Yet his sound continues to be fresh and vibrant though he doesn’t stray from his true nature. 

Death Therapy: Melancholy Machines (Tooth & Nail)

Death Therapy isn’t your typical Christian Metal Band. They touch on a diverse range of genres. Their latest album, Melancholy Machines, is rooted in metalcore. Though, it fully embraces dark, groovy, electronic rock, making the album becken listeners with a catchy, unconventional slant.

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