9 Deep Dating Questions


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You’ve been dating the same guy for months, maybe even years, and it’s the same dinner and a movie on the couch every weekend. You’re not concerned about changing up your routine, it’s comforting to know you have someone to hang out with and lean on. You don’t feel like you’ve settled, you’re young, this relationship doesn’t necessarily need to go anywhere – at least not anytime soon! But, you do desire more depth. You know your relationship has more to offer. Perhaps, you have more to offer the relationship. 

Here’s nine fun and thought provoking dating questions that you can sink your teeth into during your next date night out. You don’t have to go through each question in one night, really take one in at a time and let it start a long and profound conversation between you two. You may discover something new about yourself, your boyfriend or your relationship! 

  1. What do you think is the best movie about forgiveness?
  2. What worship song can you listen to on repeat?
  3. If there was a book written about your life, what would it be titled?
  4. What’s the tenderest and sweetest thing God has done in your life?
  5. Is there a couple in your life that you want to emulate? Why?
  6. If you had to pick three or four core values that you really lived by, what would they be?
  7. If money wasn’t an issue, what kind of Christian ministry would you do full-time?
  8. What Biblical character would you name your children after, and why?
  9. What dream do you have that you fear will never come true?

These questions aren’t meant for relaxed dating, they’re meant for serious relationships. God has a plan for every relationship He brings together. Allow these questions to spark your own thoughtful conversation as you get to know each other and where God might be calling your relationship. Consider spending some time in prayer as you work through these questions as a couple. 

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