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Accomplishing What My Heart Wants

You’re so close to the finish line! Keep going, keep pushing, jump over that hurdle! Jump that other hurdle—oh, and that other one too! Wait, why does the finish line suddenly seem so far away? When you find a goal you’re passionate about, you dedicate your heart and soul into achieving it. But, the world has a way of throwing “life probs”—or hurdles—your way. The scariest thing about these hurdles are that they become a huge distraction. When this happens, you may find yourself stuck in a constant loop. With each passing day that you spend overcoming these hurdles, the farther away the finish line becomes. So, how do you realize you’re stuck and crawl out of the vicious cycle to achieve your goals? 

“How do I know I’m stuck?” 

Admittedly, it’s incredibly hard to realize that you’re stuck. You know you’re stuck when you see the same issue materializing repeatedly. Or, you’re doing things people tell you to do, but won’t follow your own advice. Or possibly the opposite, you’re doing whatever you want, and don’t follow advice from others. The potential answers are endless but have the same effect and reason—you’re afraid of changing the one thing truly holding you back. This could be a person in your life, a mannerism you possess, or a lack of trust in God’s guidance, or an expectation that God will hand over what you want.

Create a plan to reach your long-lost goal

Once you’ve recognized that you’re stuck and have a rough idea as to why, it’s time to change. Take more than one step back—however many you need to see the big picture. That picture should have you and everyone around you in it. Who’s pushing you to where you need to be, and who’s pulling you away? Sort through your friends, family and inner self to see who’s contributing to your lack of progress. And deal with them accordingly. You may have to remove friends from your inner circle, confront a family member or even take time to self-heal in order to get back on track.

Another thing you need to do is recognize your mistakes from the past and look solely towards the future. You won’t make it to the finish line if you’re always looking back on past mistakes. You’ll end up fumbling over yourself and falling over a hurdle titled “Regret.” Instead, look at your successful self in the future. Ask yourself what you think you did right to make it to your goal when you visualize your future. Then, of course, do it. 

With that said, sometimes achieving a goal is better completed with a partner rather than by yourself. Don’t feel like you have to achieve your dreams alone. The most successful people in this world didn’t do it all on their own. Find someone in your life with similar goals or who achieved a goal like yours and seek their support. They can be your backbone and give you clarity. 

Besides seeking a friend for help, try achieving something small. Doing something, even if unrelated, will cause your brain juices to flow. Maybe you’ve wanted to learn how to apply winged eyeliner. Or you’ve wanted to start running. Find other goals that you know you can easily obtain and do those! By doing so, you’ll feel a second wind of motivation to attain your bigger, hard-to-reach goal! 

Reaching a lifelong goal

Realize that when it comes to having a life goal, it’s just that—a lifelong goal. If it takes your entire life to achieve what is most important to you, that’s okay. Break down your objective into steps. They can be big or baby size depending on what needs to be done. By simplifying your goal into smaller tasks, you have a chance to see what an underlying issue may be which is causing you stress or preventing you from achieving your dream. Once you clearly see the problem, you can address it accordingly (adding new, smaller steps to your plan). 

Dream – big or small when achieving goals

Even though life can be hard to handle, don’t let that discourage you from ever dreaming. Dream small or dream BIG. God gave you this life with a purpose and He will always be by your side to push you into triumph. If you want to be an actress, singer, teacher or president, pursue it. This is your precious life that was given to you. The dreams and goals you have for yourself are a gift from our Father. He wants to see you succeed, even if there are hurdles thrown unforgivingly your way. 

Goals are what drive you on a daily basis. In reality, they are what push you to grow as a person, or even change the world. Some dreams are harder than others to complete. But, know that it’s okay to struggle with them; it’s a human reality to strive. Keep going when you think you can’t and seek help when you need it. You have a support system behind you that wants to see your dreams come true. They want to see you change the world for the better and become the person God designed you to be. Your dreams are yours for a reason. Never forget them and never think that they aren’t worth the journey. They serve a purpose in your life and the lives of those you influence. Make your dreams happen!

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