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The days leading up to Valentine’s day make us feel wonderful if we have someone to love in our life, but can make us feel lonely if we aren’t currently enjoying strong relationships and friendships. Regardless of your relationship status, there are love songs that will lift up your spirits and make you feel full of love. Not all of these Christian love songs are from Christian artists, but each one helps us understand God’s love better. Rather than listening to sappy, emotional love songs, check out these nine Christian love songs that will boost your confidence this Valentine’s.

  1. Just the Way You Are by Bruno Mars (or go old school and listen to the original by Billy Joel)
  2. What Makes You Beautiful by One Direction
  3. You are So Beautiful by Joe Cocker
  4. Love by The City Harmonic
  5. What Love is This by Kari Jobe
  6. You Loved My Heart to Death by Shane and Shane
  7. Hold Me by Jamie Grace
  8. Beautiful Things by Gungor
  9. Everything Glorious by David Crowder Band

We know that all worship songs are an expression of our love toward God. But, what Christian love songs make you feel confident that God loves you? Or how about feeling blessed by the love of others toward you? What songs make you feel beautiful and unique as God’s beloved daughter? Tell us what Christian love song boosts your confidence when you listen. Let us know what songs you go to when you need a confidence boost AND help you understand more about the Character of God, or how He made you!

There are a plethora of love songs out there, but not every one speaks directly to your heart and impacts your spirit. Which of these is your favorite, or which should we add. Let us know via social media. We’d love to hear your thoughts. We’ll be ready with our hairbrush microphone to belt them at the top of our lungs with you!

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