It’s Christmas: Let’s Celebrate with Planetshakers




Though Planetshakers is a Melbourne, Australia band, they are known all over the world. They bring an international flavor and approach to their first full-length Christmas album, It’s Christmas. The album offers traditional favorites with a fresh, upbeat and invigorating take. You won’t want to sing to these songs, you’ll want to dance. The classics include invigorating overlays of pop vocals and mixes offering a unique collective. It’s Christmas also includes joyful, pop and R&B-infused songs from Planetshakers Christmas Vol 1 and 2 EP recordings. Alongside the classics are beautiful and profound originals such as its title track, “The Prayer” and “All Glory.”

Planetshakers: It’s Christmas

Christmas is a holiday celebrated all over the world. Each person and culture offering a unique and beautiful perspective of hope, peace and love as we usher in the Christ Child.  The basics of Christmas remain the same, the details are what make each celebration unique. Planetshakers sings the most celebrated and traditional Christmas songs, but offers a unique perspective and approach, however, the basic tune, compassion and story remain, drawing all closer to the awe and wonder of the season.

Christmas Prayer by Planetshakers

Being an international band, the album includes various cultural distinctives – making it a unique worship experience. The song “The Prayer” is sung in the beautifully romantic Italian language. Having this offering on an album allows listeners to contemplate the complexity and totality of God. He rules above language, culture and geography. The whole world unites under His arrival at Christmas time, and we do so as a collective – singing one song. A song of praise and worship. A prayerful song about our need for a beloved Savior.

Christmas Glory from Planetshakers

The glory of Christmas comes from the majestic story. The arrival of Jesus to this world brings about travelers from afar. “I wanted to write a song from the perspective of the three wise men,” says worship leader Joth Hunt regarding “All Glory” (Hunt also produced and wrote/co-wrote and/or arranged all the songs on the album.) “If you think about it, it’s pretty amazing that they followed a star and found Jesus in a manger. They came and worshiped him and brought him the best gifts that this world could offer. In this song, I have tried to capture the classic feel of Christmas, but also have a foundational element of worship. That’s what the wise men came to do; worship Jesus.”

Christmas Celebration

Planetshakers wrap up the year with “The Experience Lagos 2019” event in Nigeria, Africa which is one of the biggest gospel concerts in the world. Then, in January, the band will release Glory Part One EP which proceeds their “Glory” conference in their Melbourne hometown during the month of April. It’s on the road again as the band continues with their tour. Things never slow down when you’re determined to shake things up with God’s message of love, mercy and glory.

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