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Trust Your Relationship with the Lord

A mother of four teenagers was speaking with me at church and mentioned how her daughter was struggling with knowing what God wanted her to do with her life. The teenager was asking her mother for advice and her mom responded, “What is God telling you to do?” The daughter than proceeded to tell her mom what she felt like she was being called to do. She then continued to talk about how that probably wasn’t what her mom thought was best, nor was it what she thought her mom probably believed the Lord wanted her to do. The mother quickly quieted her daughter by saying, “I trust the relationship you have with the Lord.”

The daughter was in shock. Her mom was okay with what she felt like the Lord was calling her to do. As the daughter continued to think about her mom’s comment, she realized how blessed she was to have such a supportive mom. Not because her mom supported her decision, but because her mom trusted her relationship with the Lord.

Establishing Your Own Relationship Trust

Lots of teens rely on their parents’ relationship with the Lord. Plenty of teens don’t even have a relationship with the Lord because they haven’t been given the opportunity to build a personal relationship with Him, or they haven’t taken the opportunity to establish that relationship because it’s been defined for them by their family, church or community.

For as long as this teen daughter could remember, her mom had nurtured her relationship with the Lord.  Her mom regularly encouraged her to connect with the Lord, challenged her to grow in the Lord and most importantly provided an active example of what it looks like to have relationship trust with God.  Her mom has an incredibly strong relationship with her maker, therefore, it was easy for her to teach and train her children to do the same.

As I reflected on this story, I thought to myself, “There probably isn’t anything more encouraging or powerful than your parent trusting the decisions you make because you reflect your relationship with God.” What a blessing to have a solid grip on reality because you have a firm grasp on your identity in the Lord.

I pray this for every Christian teen and their parent and encourage you to build a relationship trust with the Lord. Make your relationship with Him your own, so you know, without any doubt where He is calling YOU in life! 

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