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When standing in an art museum looking at a piece of art, we all see something different. The masterpiece before us speaks uniquely to each observer. God speaks to each of us uniquely as well. Each of His believers has a special relationship with Him. We all have a specific view of His character, love and righteousness. When we read His Word, He speaks to everyone individually. The Gospels – the books of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John – are all written from different perspectives. The Chosen series takes these four accounts, revealing to us how each disciple sees Jesus differently than the next. It’s this approach that reminds us that we all see Jesus differently – that’s what makes the Gospels so alive. They all tell the same story through a different perspective. 

The Chosen Series in Theaters Provides a Different View

We’ve enjoyed three riveting seasons of The Chosen series as we soak up a clearer picture of our Savior, but season four brings us the beginning of the final stages of Christ’s life. As Jesus’ enemies creep closer to a plan of entrapment, His disciples wrestle with confusion and misunderstanding of what’s to come. With all the struggle and commotion, Jesus is left alone. His growing influence leaves religious leaders jealous and bitter causing them to befriend their worst enemy, their Roman oppressors. They choose what they believe is the lesser of two evils, when in fact they’re siding with evil. Such drama and deception is made for the big screen. As the biggest crowdfunded project in TV history, that’s exactly how this season can be viewed (Buy your tickets:

Episodes 1-3 will be in theaters February 1-14

Episodes 4-6 will be in theaters February 15-28

Episodes 7-8 will be in theaters February 29-March 10

This is such a unique way to view a TV series. “Last year we dipped our toes in the water by releasing a few episodes in theaters. The response was so strong, and Season Four is so big, that we knew we and Fathom had to give viewers the theatrical experience for all eight episodes,” said The Chosen’s creator and director, Dallas Jenkins. After the full-season runs in theaters, The Chosen will be released on various streaming platforms/mobile apps, as well as The Chosen TV.

God has used The Chosen as an incredibly powerful tool to reach a variety of people. Not only are people drawn to the popularity of it here in America, The Chosen is among the most translated series in history. The first three seasons are available in 50 languages with plans to subtitle in more than 600 languages. That’s taking God’s message into unexpected places and making it available to people who may not otherwise be open to hearing His Word. Having this TV series accessible to so many individuals, means more perspectives of the life changing truth of our Masterpiece. 

So, grab your friends and family and make a plan to see each season four episode in the theater. Then discuss your view and how it differs from those you love. Not only will you gain a stronger sense of community with the people you see it with, but you’ll also gain a significantly greater understanding of God’s character and love for you.

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