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PROBLEM: ‘I’m Not Creative. I don’t have a creative mind.’

SOLUTION: Believe You Can Be.

You don’t have to be an artist to be creative. Some of the most creative people in the world have zero artistic abilities. Creativity encompasses innovation, problem solving, vision, initiation and imagination. It shows up in every day opportunities.

The best times to test your creative skillset is when you’re faced with a roadblock. If you quickly crumble, convinced that you can’t move forward, then your creativity is jammed and in need of release.

Here are a few suggestions for you to consider:

Believe you can.

The “I can’t” belief is usually irrational and shows up for various reasons. Having God in your life enables you to overcome any hardship. God created you to be a strong, creative reflection of His glory. You are capable.

If you can get past “I can’t,” you enable wonder, curiosity, creativity and, sometimes, groundbreaking innovation. You can choose to see problems in life as annoyances, or you can view them as amazing opportunities. Most difficulties faced in daily life are blank canvases awaiting innovative answers. These struggles as amazing opportunities because of the innovative and creative solutions that often follow.

Once you believe that you’re creative, good. Hold on to that truth. You’re going to need that creativity, so just trust yourself.

Let Your Creative Mind Get Unstuck.

When you’re stuck in doubt, then attack it with “Why?” Asking “Why am I stuck?” can help you understand the root cause of an issue. Shed light on belittling ideas. Your mind will be liberated once you understand that you’re greater than these foolish lies. Put into perspective whatever is causing self-doubt, so you can move on.

Shrink the Problem with Your Creative Mind.

Problems are usually perceived to be much bigger than they really are, causing intimidation and avoidance. Be sensitive to this intimidation, and train yourself to realize that the problem has a simple solution. Rather than allowing anxiety to take root, allow yourself to see problems as an invitation, or challenge, to keep asking questions. See problems as an opportunity to change your mind about what you think is possible.

If the problem is astronomical (as some are), then break it down into smaller, more manageable chunks. When you see a healthy scale, you’re more likely to understand the natural progression to overcoming the issue.

Ask, “What if?”


Write down as many “What if?” or open questions as possible. Then, share your ideas with someone – a friend, family member, teacher or youth pastor. They’ll help you see flaws in your solutions, but more importantly provide support and accountability as you move forward with your creative venture. Repeat this process as often as necessary – or at least until you find an effective solution to your problem.

Manage the Creative Momentum.

Having too many ideas can be its own problem, so it’s important to realize the best ones.

Remember the Truth with Your Creative Mind. 

You can do all things through Christ who strengthens you (Philippians 4:13). So, even though you aren’t the most artistic, you’re incredibly creative. Rely on your creator to guide you through your problems and He’ll provide you with solutions as well as peace and confidence. He won’t let you down, so don’t let yourself down.

By now, the idea that anyone isn’t creative is a little ridiculous. The way you solve problems reflects your natural creativity as does the way you innately live your life. Every day provides a new set of opportunities to learn or demonstrate your creativity.

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