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The pandemic sent most people outside, where we relearned the safety of socializing in open-air spaces. Brandon Heathfound security in his backyard as well. His men’s group meets at the fire pit in his backyard. The neighborhood kids play with his daughters on their playset in the backyard. As he tended to the yard and mowed the steep slope that funnels into a small creek, Brandon Heath thought, prayed and compiled new music. His yard is where the content for his album, Enough Already, grew

When touring shut down, Brandon even decided to play small invitation-only outdoor shows in select backyards across the country. Using only his guitar, these “Brandon in the Backyard” events were completely unplugged. Brandon traveled from one event to another with his family in an RV. 

Brandon Heath Measures Up

Heath uses one of his greatest skills when developing his new album. As an incredible storyteller, Brandon Heath builds a climax to every song. He faces common struggles and offers questions that shape our faith through every track. Through the penning of Enough Already Brandon wrestles with some of his most significant struggles, and embraces the idea that he is not alone in his battles.

The title of the album hints at Brandon’s greatest insecurity. Through this album, Brandon Heath admits his fear of never quite measuring up. Not only does he feel the pressure to perform exceptionally, he’s concerned that he’s letting his audience down. Rather than continue to run from this fear, Brandon faces it head on, embracing the idea that people can gain something though admitting self-doubt. “It’s a real weakness for me, but I also realize there’s a lot of people out there who can relate to that. So I decided to kind of allow it to have more space in my life and to let it affect my songwriting,” Heath shares. 

As Brandon Heath processes his struggle, he comes to an understanding that a lot of people are fearful of failure and not feeling good enough. People need to hear that their worth is defined by God, not their view of themselves or the perception of other people. Heath says of his own life, “I don’t need anything or anyone else to tell me what I’m worth. God has already defined my worth. He already calls me son. He already recognizes me as redeemed.”

Spending time in God’s truth and reality, Brandon penned so many profound lyrics about who we are in God’s eyes. “This has been a season of me rediscovering what I mean to God, and it has really just given me a lot of peace and a sense of belonging,” describes Heath. God desires for us to rest in His truth. He longs for us to find connections with Him and our community so we can grasp acceptance. 

Brandon Heath Enough Already

God has given each of us a purpose and reason to live. He has gifted us tremendously because He loves us and wants to do His work through us. Brandon Heath graciously states, “There’s really nothing in this world that could give me more meaning and purpose than what God already gives me.” God is the foundation to everything we have and are. Our very existence and purpose is because of and for Him. 

Part of gaining strength and security in God’s truth about our value, is knowing that we are never alone in our journey. By trying to measure up, we often feel secluded in our journey. God is with us always, no matter what life throws our way. When we feel small and belittled, God gives us the strength we need to overcome. He guides us through all of life’s hardships and pain as well as our joy and celebration. “We all walk through difficult seasons in our lives. That’s definitely nothing new, but one thing that is particularly unique about right now is that we all seem to have a very similar challenge. And for some of us, it feels like rock bottom. But, we can know what Rock we’re standing on, and He’s not going anywhere. So, stand tall fam. No matter how lost we feel or how difficult things get, He sees us where we are, and He’s going to see us through it.”

Brandon Heath is More than Enough Already

Enough Already has branched out beyond backyard sessions and album releases. 

Heath found himself joining Will Graham and the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association for a live-streamed Good Friday event. Worshiping on one of the most significant days in our Christian faith, Brandon Heath lays it all down. 

His song “Anywhere But Here” is also featured in the independent film The Sound of Violet, a uniquely updated view of the 1990 film Pretty Woman. Heath sings of how love pulls us together in beautiful bliss.

Though much of Heath’s journey pivots around his backyard, he’s growing with God, planting seeds for new opportunities and possibilities beyond the steep slope and small creek.

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