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Spring is turning into Summer, and your complexion is becoming a little more rosy as your cheeks begin to see more of the sun. This rosy flush is beautiful, but splotchy red spots are not! Some girls just get them – it’s part of your skin tone, and often occurs to girls with sensitive skin or rosacea (where your skin becomes inflamed due to exposure to something it doesn’t like). So here’s the key to evening out your skin tone to create a more natural glow! 

Step 1: Rid Red Blotches on Skin With Dual Concealers

Use one concealer with a yellow-based cream over your red spots (typically on the cheeks, nose and chin). The yellow tone will cancel out your red coloring. Swipe on a second concealer that’s two shades lighter than your skin for under your eyes. 

Step 2: Rid Red Blotches on Skin by Blending

Using your fingers, gently press the yellow concealer into your skin with a pat-and-smush motion. Using your ring finger only (since it’s the weakest and won’t tug at your delicate under-eye skin) blend the concealer. 

Step 3: Rid Red Blotches on Skin by Using Powder Foundation

Using a foundation brush, set a powder foundation over your entire face. Brush it on with a light press-and-roll motion rather than buffing (which can wipe your concealer). A powder foundation applied in this manner is actually thicker than a liquid foundation, adding an extra layer of coverage. 

Step 4: Apply Blush to Rid Red Blotches on Skin

Add a swirl of peachy pink blush to the apples of your cheeks. It seems counterproductive since you just covered up all the redness, but the right amount of blush will give you a healthy and radiant finish! 

Show us your before-and-after pictures. We’d love to celebrate your disappearing red blotches with you! 

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