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Tons of churches are jazzed up for their Christmas Eve services because they know un-churched people will be walking through their door. The discipline of growing ones faith seems to be a lot less interesting and glamorous than the energy and excitement of bringing another soul to Christ. The Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20) doesn’t say, “Go out and convert everyone to Christianity.”

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All Alone: Overcoming Loneliness Symptoms

You know the feeling that you have when there’s no one around, and you start to question if anyone loves you? That’s one of many loneliness symptoms that people experience when suffering from loneliness.

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Lonely Listen

These 9 songs are good to listen to when you’re feeling lonely because they aren’t songs about feeling alone, they are songs about how Jesus is with you.

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Relationship Trust

Establishing relationship trust is difficult. Everyone has a unique and beautiful relationship with the Lord. Trust in your relationship with Him.

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