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Two encouraging girls lifting each other up
Kristi Brown

Encouragement for Everyone

Although criticizing people has become a social norm, it’s not what we were created to do. In fact, we’re meant to encourage those around us. Whether you have a friend who needs cheering up, or you simply want to make her feel special for no reason, here are some practical ways you can be encouraging:

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Students working on a group project
niNe. contributor

Group Project 101

High school is the time when you really begin working on group projects in school. Learning to work in groups is an essential skill. Here are some tips to help you establish your voice in the small group setting.

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Group of teens with various interests gathered around table
Angelica Dickerson

Quiz: What Group Do You Belong In?

School can be a great place to find people with similar interests and values, which can help you discover more about your own identity. Take this quiz and find out what group you belong in at school!

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summer fun
Melinda Laging

When Boredom Sets In

It’s summer, the freedom and flexibility is great! But, being home all day with nothing to do gets old. Here’s 9 things to do when summer boredom kicks in:

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